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Farmstead Goods

As many of you know, Belden Barns is about more than just wine.  When we started honing the vision for what we wanted Belden Barns to be many years ago, we knew that ultra-premium wine was going to be one leg of the stool.  While we had confidence we could make wine at a high level, we wanted to create something different and, in our view, more meaningful, sustainable, and special.  We wanted to create a family business that celebrated the totality of farmstead agriculture.  After all, wine is to be enjoyed with food, and it’s much more interesting to have a diversity of crops and animals to draw from when creating Belden Barns products and experiences.  

Enter Jenny and Vince Trotter who lead the Farmstead at Belden Barns.  After non-agricultural careers, Jenny and Vince made a life change and dedicated themselves to small-scale, sustainable agriculture.  Upon completing apprenticeships at farms in Grass Valley and Pescadero California, they were looking for a farming opportunity of their own and we were looking for a great couple to head the farming cause at Belden Barns.  We are so happy to be partnered with the Trotters and inspired by the amount of hard work they apply to the ground with such grace.  

Here are the current Farmstead offerings: