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Hello Friends of Belden Barns - We have a ton to catch up on! 



First, a huge thanks to our growing community of Belden Barns club members.  Now at over 400, your support means the world to us and is truly the foundation of our family business.  As always, we will be striving to create amazing wines, products and experiences for you.


2015 Wine Release

We have received a tremendous response on our current release of wines.  We are ostensibly sold out of our 2014 Rosé, our 2013 Grüner Veltliner, and our 2013 Serendipity Block Pinot Noir.  We have held back some of those bottlings for Fall shipment to wine club members.  For those of you not in our club, look for the next bottlings of these wines in the Spring of 2016.



As fair warning, after accounting for Fall wine club shipments, we have approximately 20 cases each remaining of our 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Syrah and 2012 Late Harvest Viogner. 


2013 Chardonnay is Here!

Our 2012 Chardonnay was the surprise of our first vintage, winning Double Gold at North America’s largest wine competition and happily joining many of your dinner tables.  We’re happy to report, the younger sibling is now available.  The 2013 Belden Barns Estate Chardonnay strikes the same chord as the 2012 – balance.  Again, barrel fermented in Burgundian fashion, aged in 33% new oak sur lie, this wine has just the right amount of richness and mouthfeel to go along with some zesty acidity.  With two vintages under our belt, we like where our house style is sitting with this wine.  As many of you have commented, a wine for those who love Chardonnay and…..for those who don’t. 



On the Farmstead front, we have some very exciting news – we’ve found our Farmers!  As many of you know, Belden Barns is about more than just wine.  When we started honing the vision for what we wanted Belden Barns to be many years ago, we knew that ultra-premium wine was going to be one leg of the stool.  While we had confidence we could make wine at a high level, we wanted to create something different and, in our view, more meaningful, sustainable, and special.  We wanted to create a family business that celebrated the totality of farmstead agriculture.  After all, wine is to be enjoyed with food, and it’s much more interesting to have a diversity of crops and animals to draw from when creating Belden Barns products and experiences.  Further, part of what we would like to accomplish is provide opportunity for upstart farmers and food artisans. 

Enter Jenny and Vince Trotter.  As in many cases with life, serendipity played a huge role in bringing our two families together.  After non-agricultural careers, Jenny and Vince made a life change and dedicated themselves to small-scale, sustainable agriculture.  Upon completing apprenticeships at farms in Grass Valley and Pescadero California, they were looking for a farming opportunity of their own.  Here’s where Serendipity comes into play….Jenny’s mother is an art teacher in San Francisco, who happens to co-teach with one of Lauren’s best friends.  One thing led to another, and we found ourselves sitting at a table sharing our views on farming, life, and the world in general.  That was October of 2010.  After a few twists and turns, our lives have converged, and the Trotter family is now making our farmstead sing.  Think thriving fruit trees and gorgeous vegetable crops. Think goods and preserves inspired by Belden Barns wines.  And get excited for farmstead cheeses coming down the pike.  Please follow Jenny, Vince and their adorable son Evan on Instagram for some swoon-worthy shots of what's happening at Belden Barns these days.



Belden Barns named a favorite at Pinot Days by Ken Zinns of If you are interested in wine and don't know of Grape-Nutz, plug in now. This web-based publication produced by a group of passionate, well-respected wine enthusiasts has been a long-standing resource and is truly a gift to the wine-drinking public.

You can read Ken’s review here:


Belden Barns Named Top of Pinot Days SF, Again!  Wine critic Pierre DuMont has named Belden Barns' Serendipity Block Pinot Noir one of THE BEST Pinot Noirs at Pinot Days SF 2015 - a grouping of top North American producers.  We are honored to be included in such great company and very proud to be producing wines at this level.

You can read Pierre’s review here:


Finally, we received some incredibly kind words from SIP & SAVEUR - a food, wine and lifestyle blog based out of the San Francisco Bay Area produced by two local tastemakers.



Many of you have asked us how the drought is affecting our crops.  Our answer – not much.  We are very fortunate to have a rain catchment reservoir on our property.  During our winter rains, runoff is collected in our pond that covers a 1.5 acre area.  Because the area of land feeding our reservoir is relatively large, we have had no problem filling it.  In fact, it fills and then spills over into a local stream many times over.  We irrigate the entirety of our vineyard, farmstead vegetable plot, cider-apple orchard, and fruit orchard from our reservoir – using no well water for this purpose.  Further, because we are on hillside at 1,000 feet, we witness very little to no frost pressure because the cool air travels down the mountain and pools at the valley floor.  Water sprinklers are often used to manage frost events and we simply don’t have to use water for this purpose.  All combined, our farmstead is at the lowest end of the well-water usage spectrum.



Exciting New Placements to Report

Bom Dia Market, SF

California Wine Merchant, SF

Castro Village Wine Merchant, SF

Firefly Restaurant, SF

Glenn Ellen Star Restaurant, Glenn Ellen

Lazy Bear Restaurant, SF

Mason Pacific Restaurant, SF

Mateo's Cocina Latina Restaurant, Healdsburg

Noeteca Cafe & Wine Bar, SF

Olive and Vine Restaurant, Glenn Ellen

Spruce Restaurant, SF


Until Next Time

As always, keep us in mind when you're heading up to wine country.  We love to host private tastings of six or more people, give you a tour of our site, and share our vision.


Have a great remainder of your summer!

Lauren and Nate




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