It’s finally here!!! – Our first-ever ESTATE-GROWN CIDER

April 1, 2021 Cider Release Virtual Tasting – VIDEO REPLAY


Calling All Foodies!!!

Belden Barns is teaming up with Encina Farms to provide a truly unique and educational tasting experience with limited release Belden Barns wines, Belden Barns-grown polenta and the only dedicated Iberico Pork grown in North America.

On Thursday, April 15th, Belden Barns will be joined by Alberto Solis and Helmut Drews, co-founders of Encina Farms, to provide a truly unique and informative tasting experience highlighting artisan food entrepreneurs making waves on the California food scene.  Join us as we pair our 2019 Epiphany Grenache and long-aged 2015 Estate Sauvignon Blanc with delicious Iberico Chorizo and Salchichon from Encina Farms and the best polenta you’ve ever tasted grown by Jenny & Vince Trotter at Belden Barns.

Known around the world for its rich quality flavor and healthy fat profile, Iberico pork has until recently only been raised and made available in its native Spain. Widely-recognized in its finest cured form as Jamon Iberico de bellota, Encina Farms is raising the breed here in California and creating amazing artisanal food products, and Helmet, the first grower to do so exclusively, will talk to us about his process.  Jenny and Vince will also be on hand to discuss the growing and making of Belden Barns Polenta from Floriani Red Flint corn, a rare heirloom variety from the Valsugana Valley near Trento, Italy.  And of course, there will be plenty of talk about wine and perfect pairing ideas. We hope that you’ll be able to join the fun!

Let’s do Brunch!

Sparkling Blanc de Noirs, Cocktails, and a custom-created Belden Barns coffee blend!

Join us Saturday, May 1st as we team up with Kim Westerman, founder of HEDONIC Terroir-Driven Coffee to learn about the process of small-batch, terroir-driven coffee making from tree to cup.  These are coffees made for wine lovers.  And in exciting news, we’ve held back the final six cases of our Blanc de Noir Sparkling wine and will discuss how we made it, as well as share some fun mixology ideas and brunch recipes to make this session complete.

Hedonic Coffee is for people who want to explore the sensory nuances of coffee in the same way they approach wine—as a meditative ritual, an experience of mindfulness.

Just like great wine comes from the fruit of carefully-tended grapevines, great coffee comes from the fruit of mindfully-farmed coffee trees. Coffee and wine also share many sensory properties, such as aroma, flavor (sweet, tart, bitter, salty, umami), acidity, body, texture and finish. And similar to wine, coffee’s unique sensory properties come from the terroir in which it is grown, as well as its processing and roasting (similar to viticultural and vinicultural practices in wine).

This fantastic foodie experience is guaranteed to give you a new appreciation for both coffee and wine, not to mention, great pairing advice and recipes for both.