Belden Barns Wine Club


Signing up for the Belden Barns wine club guarantees you an allocation of our estate-grown, limited-production wines and provides discounts of up to 25% on all of our wines. Wine Club members also receive invitations to special club-only events and dinners, access to limited production wines, and complimentary tastings for you and up to 5 guests. There is no cost to join our wine club.

Before launching our business, we worked hard to better understand what people love, hate and wish was different about traditional wine clubs.  Again and again, wine lovers complained about receiving too much wine, and about bottles of their least favorite varietals appearing in their shipments, often at higher prices than the ones they’d been attracted to when they joined a club.  When people told us that they wished they could join a wine club which would allow them to receive less wine, and let them choose the bottles in each shipment, we decided to help make their wishes come true.

We have three wine club membership levels and you can join our Explorer wine club by signing up to receive as few as six bottles once a year. Even better, our Enthusiast and Ambassador wine clubs allow you to choose every single bottle in every single shipment you receive- and with 13 different estate-grown options, there’s quite a bit to choose from!

We look forward to sharing our unique wines, vineyard, farm and experiences with you. Please call us at 415-577-8552 or email if you have any questions.

Join Now

Join Now

Join Now

  • There is no cost to join a Belden Barns wine club
  • Belden Barns will bill your credit card prior to the release of each club shipment for the retail value of the wines, minus your member discount.
  • Tax and shipping are extra, and will vary by destination.
  • By joining you commit to receiving a minimum of two consecutive Belden Barns club shipments
  • For more information about our membership agreement and cancellation policy, please visit our website to read our Terms and Conditions



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