Before having children, we traveled the world, and stumbled upon wishing trees in nearly every country we visited. Each time, we’d read the wishes, hang our own, and walk away feeling like we were putting a little piece of hope and positivity into the world. The trees we saw on our trip ultimately inspired us to start Belden Barns, and to give every single visitor to our vineyard the opportunity to hang their hopes and dreams from the branches of a magical live oak tree located at the center of our property. While we could rattle on for hours about the hundreds of crazy success stories rooted in love, babies, healing, jobs, pets and travel that people are convinced are results of wishing on our tree, we’d rather just invite you to hang your own wish and report back to us when it comes true. We are eternally grateful that the Wishing Tree has helped us turn our own dream into a reality, and in sharing it with all of our visitors, we hope to do the same for many, many more dreams to come.

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